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I was contacted by the Navy SEAL Foundation to modify an existing LTD XJ6 they had sent me. My freedom in recreating this guitar gave me unlimiting options to re-institutionise and purport new idiosyncrasies and perceptions.


My design strategy was to take inspiration from the Navy SEAL website, which utilised colourations of black and teal with slick metal-like seemed inevitable to suggest a similar statement with this guitar.


The body was first sanded down to remove lacquer and prepped to introduce a new coat of this case, Metallic Teal. The edges were 'bursted' with a satin black to encapsulate the interest and focus of the design with symbolic textured steel lettering sealed in lacquer. The backside of the guitar features the Navy SEAL slogan 'Their Sacrifice Shall Never Be Forgotten' in metallic silver paint, all sealed in finished in Nitrocellulose lacquer.



FxCK CANCER is an organisation, whose mission is to fight cancer by raising awareness and to educate about early cancer detection, ultimately putting an end to late stage cancer diagnosis. 


This partiular commission was to embellish the guitar, not necessarily to 're-design'. I re-sprayed the black to a more satin-finish (so that the shine of the textured lettering would not get lost in the 'shine' of the lacquer finish). The letters were cut out via a jewellers saw and textured and sealed...then adhered to the front of the body. The back of the guitar was almost as simple, yet intrinsically altered for maximum visualisation. This included hammering small silver nails in to form the tagline 'Join Us, Together We Fight!' in tandem with 'In Memory of Brandon Sean McGuinness' underneath the string ferrules in silver metallic paint.

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