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We all love Guitars, right? - Guitars are EVERYWHERE!!


They've become so ubiquitous that literally anybody can own or buy one - unlike back in the 'old days' when they were a major investment in which only serious musicians and collectors could afford.


Tired of seeing the same old guitars and designs, Luthier, Artist and Musician, CYNOSURE, decided to change all that and create stunning, original conceptions he calls, "...Functional Art...". Each guitar is hand-crafted one at a time. It is his belief that each guitar is an individual and tells a unique story with its own history, distinctive properties and idiosyncrasies. 


Every CYNOSURE GUITAR is a highly-collectible instrument OR a work of Art depending on how you look at it, or Both?!

At CYNOSURE GUITARS, everything is mathematically calculated and worked-out during the Design-stage, he states: "...From the construction of the body to the meticulous detailing of small intricacies, the guitar exists on paper before the chisel carves the wood..." 


CYNOSURE describes Guitar-making as an alchemical process- experimenting, innovating and always learning to create the best possible product of his envisioning. Recombining elements of Industry, Technology, Mechanics, Carpentry, Luthiery and Artistry, CYNOSURE GUITARS are crafted to form an instrument unlike no other. With a discipline on attention-to-detail, craftsmanship, mathematics, wood quality and sound execution, your custom model will be definitively unique, eye-catching AND artistic.


CYNOSURE creates custom Guitars, Basses and other musical instruments that display individual characteristics and a personalised charm that set his work apart from others. In an array of finishes, ranging from clean industry-perfect, to rusty discarded, weathered and fossilized appearance, CYNOSURE GUITARS are designed with the client in mind. Unparalleled in craftsmanship and individuality, CYNOSURE replicates the aesthetics and feel of vintage guitars with the innovative conceptions, technology and signature stylistics that make his work so collectible and sought-after.


Each guitar is calibrated and tailored to each guitarist in every detail from Tone, Style, Aesthetics and Specifications. Take a journey through the                               and see if any guitars meet your ideals. You can choose something similar OR we can custom-build your instruments to the exact specifications you require. From ideation to realisation, CYNOSURE GUITARS work with you to create your very own custom creation.


Get on stage, grab a CYNOSURE GUITAR, and rock the hell out of it - That's what they're made for!

When you're done, hang it on the wall as an Art-piece and let it do the talking for you.


When you want that guitar you've always dreamed about,                              CYNOSURE GUITARS!


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