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CircX - a Cabaret-style avate-garde performance troupe, commissioned me to build a 'whimsical' instrument, characterising their concept as well as elaborate styling edging on the darker, more gothic side.


Dichotomising elements of inspiration from Tim Burton-esque envisionings with the dramatic presence of a 1930's German Cabaret Theatre, greatly shaped the conceptual approach when designing this model.


A semi-hollow constructed body of stripe-stained White Oak signifies the burlesque atmosphere effect, (achieved by a seperation of wood with brass fret-wire) much akin to the antiquated theatre interiors. Coupled with a custom-designed soundhole establishes an illustrative visual that clearly needs no help in recognition.

The fretboard, highlighted by signature 'X' markers, scintillate!...the light source emanates from beneath via Amber L.E.Ds.


The set-up...a set-neck with the 'all-access' feature allows for perfect comfortability whilst playing some fanciful tunes with a custom-set of humbuckers. Perhaps, the most distinguishing factor in this Guitar, are the 'marquee lights' edging the top perimeter, encompassing a custom-made 'CircX' spinning fan. The body is a 3-dimensional contour with a raised 'mound' encircling in a spiral formation, towards the custom fan.

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