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Characteristed by the 'Bloodstock Ram', featuring glowing red L.E.D 'eyes' and the 12th fret 'B-O-A' logo inlay, this Guitar embodies the attitude of the Festival as well as branding embellishment.


With a 24.75" scale length, 24 frets, 1 vol/1 tone, this guitar is purely built for metal and speed-playing whilst maintaining a distinction on simplicity. The set-neck features an 'all-access' design to accommodate fast-delivery with un-interrupted performance.



The body is a Red Oak multi-laminate accentuated by a 'German Carve' that allows for increased accessibility as well as for aesthetic appreciation. Highlighted by the 'Bloodstock Ram'; a hand-carved representation of the signature Bloodstock logo, made from White Oak and accompanied by 2 red-glowing L.E.D 'eyes'. The guitar also incorporates 6 L.E.Ds underneath the singular humbucker and a 12th fret 'B-O-A' logo.

The Bloodstock Guitar (Infernus model) was ultimately conceived as a symbolic representation that adheres primarily to the concepts and thematics of the Festival stylistics. I intercepted meticulous elements within the design to aid in its aesthetics and complicity. To me, the first impression of the Guitar is established initially due is its unique (and ambiguous) shape which ultimately conveys connotations of power, resistance and individuality.

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